Own a Wee Roll for as low as $0 down and $88 per month, subject to terms you pick and your credit strength.

Wee are humbly proud to say that SHEFFIELD FINANCIAL, a $15,000,000,000 yes, that's Billion dollar loan company believes in our product so much that wee are an approved financeable product that they will lend on as collateral.

If you would like to own a WeeRoll today,

Call 352 454 8210

Wee will personally take your application over the phone and walk you thru the application process, they do ask a few questions, such as, employment history, income, own or rent a home how long you lived there and name of nearest relative, and info to pull your credit report.

The loan application takes about 5 min and typically get a response in 15.

Our customers have said how easy it is and how nice the people are at the loan company.

It is a great experience.


Is available at an average of $1.00 per mile, sometimes as low as .70 cents per mile. We post the camper to a 6000 strong network of truckers, the truckers look on line and see if they can pick up loads along the way, wee make an offer to them and their attitude is if there is room on the truck it helps with fuel or they may not want to dead head back from somewhere, so they will pick up the load. All transporters wee use are verified that they have all licenses and insurance on truck and insurance on their trailer as well. Wee will submit an offer to the transport companies to get you the lowest price possible and give you the actual cost the trucking company charges plus a wee fee of $49.00 for administration.